Local suppliers:

Ferme CHENU, primeur, local grower, extra-fresh fruits and vegetables

  • All extra-fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.
    Exclusively local products grown on site.
  • Farm at the end of rue du loup, at the corner with RD 538

Bourne Garden Center

155 avenue d'Auenwald 38270 Beaurepaire

04 74 79 73 57

Jardin Service was created in 1987 by Gérard BEYLE.

In 1996, Frédéric BOURNE was hired as an employee.

In 2006, Fred, who had worked with passion for 10 years, decided to take over the garden center. He added “Chez Fred”, but he wanted to keep the store's original name, Jardin Service.

Customers who frequent the garden center know that they will find a wide selection of plants, seedlings, trees and flowers throughout the year.

Find the true meaning of the word “garden center” by coming to meet a true horticultural enthusiast. Fred will always be ready to provide you with valuable advice.


Supplier of materials for fine arts, paintings, canvases, framing in Vienna

9 rue Joseph Brenier 38200 Vienne

Glaziers, mirrors MERLE in Vienne, since 1890

All furnishing and art supplies and mirrors

10 place St Louis 38100 Vienne

04 74 85 05 20

Local production of fine wines: Xavier GERARD

Condrieu, St Joseph, Côte Rôtie

Production of Rhône Valley wines

9 Côte Châtillon 69420 Condrieu

To recommend for the quality of the production and the reception. Exceptional view from the cellar.

Services and other benefits:

Repass'lav: beautifying linen and clothes

Laundry, pressing, ironing: impeccable work

73 rue de la République

38270 Beaurepaire

04 74 85 46 64

Anjou castle

Magnificent house located 12 km from our gîte.
This elegant and ancient castle, now owned by Contes de Biliotti, is a truly magical place that has been perfectly restored.

The owners offer exciting theatrical (or free) tours and the rental of the castle for your celebrations, holidays, weddings, birthdays.
Superb flowered and wooded park with an equally remarkable statuary.
Sumptuous annual classical music festival of late June to early September.

Physiotherapy practice :

13 bis, route du Dauphiné

38150 Anjou

04 74 57 73 15

The local swimming pools: piscinist

Construction, service, maintenance, upkeep

Michael Auxerre

07 83 01 04 54

69420 Condrieu

Wines from the Rhône valley: Maison Clusel-Roch

The Domaine is currently managed by Guillaume Clusel, Gilbert Clusel and Brigitte Roch.
It has 20 ha of vines from the three historic Lyonnais vintages:

Ampuis (AOC Rating-Roast, AOC Ribs-from-Rhône and Vin de France), Condrieu (AOC Condrieu), Millery (AOC Coteau du Lyonnais).

15 route du Lacat

69420 Ampuis

The Garden of Flavors: early vegetables in Salaise-sur-Sanne:

Route d'Alembert

38150 Salaise-sur-Sanne

04 74 79 39 78

Electricity: Ohm-Staff

Nicolas Mungenast, building electrician
Renovation and repairs

11 rue des Prés

38150 Chanas

06 09 60 32 03d

CRB Multiservices: interior and exterior work, storage, maintenance of green spaces:

06 58 47 74 61

38270 Jarcieu

Flower parenthesis

All cut flowers, in pots, floral arrangements

22 rue Avit Nicolas

38150 Salaise-sur-Sanne

07 66 24 26 51

M3S Minutes Services

Keys, shoe repair, plaque engraving, gifts, photo booth

GM Carrefour

165 route nationale 38150 Salaise sur Sanne

Rousset nursery

All the flowers and plants for the vegetable garden

40 greenhouse path

38270 Bellegarde-Poussieu

04 74 84 80 47

INKCOLOR Communication Printing

Axis 7 business park

135 route des Fouillousses North

26140 Anneyron

04 75 31 58 58

Torgue company: carpentry, interior fittings

All carpentry, cabinetmaking work

920 Nivelle road

38150 Sonnay

04 74 84 15 57

Also a partner of France Voyages

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